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I joined EVE 4 years ago and have been growing my business ever since. During the first few months I only got 1 or 2 referrals. But as I stuck with it and got to know the members, the leads started flowing in. In the past year Iíve done $7,700 and in the past month alone $2,500 in business from EVE referrals. And that doesnít even count any referrals from those jobs. If you are serious about growing your business and helping other people grow theirs you NEED to join EVE. In my experience there is no better referral group in Phoenix!

Dale Witenhafer
Clearly Clean Carpets

Why does Absolute Pest Solutions benefit from our membership in EVE? Apart from the genuinely good people in the group making it a very fun atmosphere, we have had a direct benefit of 27 new services totaling an annual revenue of over $8,000.00. This is a very good use of our sales time as we have only been members for 7 months!
Ryan R Gielow
 Absolute Pest Solutions